Friday, 31 October 2008

Lechon de locha

I was feeling peckish one time. Could not find a sagada lunch in Oz. So I visited a friend in Tamworth.
I says hey Joe! mate I come a-fair-way.
Joseph says okay met, that rhymes with my name hey.
Good so howdo n how’s babe?’
Joe tugged me along and showed me his biggest and meatiest sow and says mabalin sameten.
So I said hang on let me find some firewood.

So I went lookin. And did find some.

However we had to use a blowtorch due to the high risk of fire. The measures in place include banning of open fires and no pinikpikan. What a sight that would have been! A grassfire caused by lotsa litson.
A pork diet is both healthful and invigorating when consumed in moderation of course.
I think it's time for another pilgrimage to Tammy.
And we'll use the firewood this time!

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