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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

musings 1

Somewhere in these rugged mountains is Mainit. And from this mountain village and its surrounds is the humble roots of the author. His ancestors come from the hardy tribes that found a home in these mountain fastnesses.

Present musings:
I tend to thrive on a challenge, although not always. Nothing beats the thrill of when your confidence is skyhigh, when the adrenalin is really going and you rise to the occasion. I appreciate when sportspeople say this, though to most it’s cliché. Anyway today was one of those days when you’re asked to perform and expected to deliver. It is the culmination of a very busy six weeks. Might I just say I came through...

In a few days time, I may be gone away again for a couple of weeks. Work requires that I hie off to the north on a job. This has been put off again and again. It is the client’s call so we play things by ear...

This was a strange week as out of the blue I had contact from childhood friends whom I haven’t heard from in more than 20 years. Gretchen rang me last week from Queensland. She’s holidaying there with her hubby. Good of her to ring. She did email me previously when she first arrived in Australia. She said she’ll be in contact. Then last week also, a distant cousin emailed me. Carmen said she is going to Newcastle (NSW) for post-graduate studies. She will keep me posted of the details. I wonder who else is around the corner from out of the blue.