Wednesday, 29 October 2008

i've been everywhere man, not

I work for a delivery company. This suits me well because I'm one of those that Haggard sings about:
I'm on the run, the highway is my home.
Well I'm not exactly running from any Cain that I may have raised in yesteryears, but I'm running just the same. In our vernacular, I am of the TNT type: tabon-ng-tabon.
Anyway so this month I did deliveries in parts of Southeast Queensland: Ipswich, Brisbane, Scenic Rim etc, and might be going to North Queensland next month. This all depends on our clients.

A few years ago, I was going around New South Wales to various towns such as Cooma, Wyalong, Goulburn in the south and west. I even drove to the Snowy Mountains. However, that was in the middle of summer so no snow of course. But the views are spectacular there. Just like the mountains back home. There is also the highest town in Australia on top of that mountain range called Cabramurra. It's a small town - just like the restaurant village above Sayangan in Atok near the highest point of the Philippine highways system. It's breezy of course, and warm clothing is essential. More recently, I have ventured towards the northwest of NSW. Places like Manilla, Tamworth, Dubbo. Along the north coast I visited Byron Bay, Taree, Ballina and those numerous small towns that attract tourists all year round. Musical expeditions, and the need to run have brought my feet to Gympie and Jimbour in Queensland. I have been to Cairns in North Queensland and tasted the popular bowen mangoes from there on one warm December day.
So many of these sojourns were not work related. I just have the 'urge for going, but I never seem to go'. It's a journey. Might meet you down the road.

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