Wednesday, 21 May 2014

the cordillera panorama

Images of the Cordillera 2014.

A landslide on the Bekkel - Shilan Road north of Lamut.

Trekkers from Camp 6 to Kabuyao.

Arak cliff on the Mainit Road.

Mainit Road.

Balitian bridge at the junction on the Chico river.


The Chico river in Bontoc

The Mt Data plateau has been cultivated for generations now. These vegetable farms, at 2300m above the sea, would have to be amongst the highest in the Philippines.

Sinto, Mt Data

La Trinidad from the hills west of Longlong.

In the foregound is the Dalican Road, and in the background the road to Sagada and Besao.

Just a shot out at the corral towards Lower Wangal.

Loakan runway
mini-geyser in Mainit

In Mainit, when the rooster crows at the break of dawn...

Guina-ang from the southeasterly direction

Kabuyao transmission towers


Lion's head, Kennon Rd, Camp 6, Tuba.

Campers below Kabuyao

Paktil ravine/ Mt Data cliff

Hang-gliding from Chata plateau in Bontoc

The hills above Lubas east of La Trinidad
Mt Yangbew

And above Tawang where a mountain goat is sometimes silhouetted in the sky lang.


Ricefields in Sagada

Ricefields in Guina-ang

Ricefields in Bontoc

Paktil cliff

Abatan, Buguias


Somewhere between Lamut and Lubas,
there's a window where you can see Sto Tomas.

bridge over troubled Chico water



Mt Kalawitan and Mt Amuyao viewed from Mt Data

Dapdapanan and Kiltepan from the Mainit Road

Talampas ng Bontoc - Chata.

Chak-kang, Chonglian-Guina-ang


La Trinidad from Quirino Hill

Upper Dalican

Looking southeast over parts of Tuba from StoTomas

Looking north from a hill near Kallugong in La Trinidad

Looking at Mt Tabayoc and Mt Pulag from Mt Data

Baguio from Ambiong, La Trinidad

La Trinidad from Talinguroy

Abatan from Mt Data

A bare-looking salad bowl.
The winds began to howl...
I got out of there before the singing from the hoot owl.