Friday, 6 May 2016

The Scenic Trails of Southeast Queensland

Tramping the trails of the southeast of Southeast Queensland.
I have seen the morning burning golden on the mountain in the skies... At sunrise - waking up to a glorious morning in Mount Glorious.

From Mount Barney’s remote West Peak - Mount Barney National Park with the prominent peaks of Mt Barney (East Peak) and Mt Ernest and Mt Lindesay.

Chasing waterfalls.
A secret waterfall in the not too remote Kangaroo Point cliffs.

Kuta. The not-too-secret but seldom seen Simpson Falls in full flow.

JC Slaughter Falls also in Mt Coot-tha.

At Mt Barney descending down to a misty Rum Jungle.

Between Lake Manchester and Mount Nebo, going up the Light Line Road,
with thankfully not a heavy load.

On the side – down England Creek road.

One of the many waterfalls in the Albert River circuit of the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. 
And just another sweeping panorama from Echo Point lookout to the east and Mount Warning.

A fallen tree is not in the way up Cedar Creek.

A fork in the road, confusing the trail hardly mowed, though no one knowed
- the backwoods of Kobble Creek.

The Lakes District
On North Kobble break off a Lepidozamia track swale, when the clouds lift their veil
and the trees sway with the gale, behold Lake Samsonvale.

From Kluvers Lookout on the D'Aguilar Range Road, looking east to Samsonvale, and beyond to Moreton Bay. That’s the conical peak of Mt Samson at right. I should go move that branch in the way...

Climbing Mt Samson for a close-up view of Lake Samsonvale,
and below, a distant view of the jungleland capital of Queensland. I hear there's lions there.

From Mermaid Mountain. A close-up view of Lake Manchester .

Back for a roam on the range, from a distance, looking at Lake Wivenhoe.

While on the edge of Lake Somerset, the cross-eyed watcher spots a hawk-eyed feather wearer.

An eagle soars above Noosa National Park.

Lamington National Park

Ballanjui Falls. How does one get up there?
Ship’s stern
Mt Warning

Upper Ballanjui

Samford Valley with not a cloud in the sky, and below a valley of clouds - where's the sky?

The great ranges
Mt Warning

The D'Aguilar Range.

Mt Lindesay, Mt Ernest and Mt Barney.

More waterfalls
Denham Falls in Beechmont

Mt Samson and Lake Samsonvale from Mt Glorious.

Lake Wivenhoe

Purling Brook Falls in Springbrook.

Lake Advancetown (Hinze Dam)

Lamington National Park

Mt Merino lookout.

From the mountains to the bay.
Frolicking with whales in Hervey Bay. This post is supposed to be about trails not whales,
but I was on the trail of the dingo not Migaloo.
So I sailed to Fraser Island and spotted a dingo on the beach.

The trails of Fraser Island near Kingfisher Bay.

Back in jungleland.
From Ocean View I could barely see the sea, so I turned around to the burning Glasshouse Mountains. 
In winter time, where there's smoke, there's back-burning.

They’ve covered a beautiful mountain trail with some grimey sooty tar seal.
It's a cover-up, a dirty deal.

I’ll just go back to the backwoods, the hills above Nambour and Mapleton National Park.

Or farther south to the Nightcap National Park in NSW.
One can camp right at home here, under the gum trees.

North to the Conondale Range. 
Swim in the blue ribbon creek and hope the leeches don’t stick.
On the Conondale Great Walk.

I could just gaze at the mountains all day.
A Mt Barney morning was the beginning, and it ain't boring. Been there, done that. But I'll go again. Achin' with the feelin' of the freedom of an eagle when she flies...

Now the sun sets at day’s end, a known known eh Rummy? Known known? Boring.
Tired from an eventful Autumn day, I watched the paint dry at nightfall.
A most wonderful thing to do in the Fall.
But when the blackness covered the canvass,
 the neon gods turned on the lights they made.
Big city turn me loose and set me free. Thanks and vale Hag.