Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sagada caves

Thou shall not move thy neighbor's landmark...

In the 70s - yes in the last century, there was a song by a band called Eagles about a town in the Cordillera, and a girl named Diana. I think she's one of the girls on the truck.
The song goes something like:
'Cause Sagada peaceful easy feeling,
and Di, no you won't let me down...
I don't remember the rest of the song but I think it's called Lady Diana,
I mean a lady mondegreen or mondegreen.
Anyway you can see how peaceful Sagada is from these pictures. Not because it's a peace zone, but because it's a peaceful zone. See the young at play. When they get tired of their bikes they lady mondegreen.
Even cattle hold court - on the green or on the court. They had better look out they don't get caught.
An old church bell at St Mary's churchyard.
In the Cordillera there are many tall pines. 
I remember the old pine that we used to climb.
Young kids at play under the whispering pines.

How green nan payeo mi? - payeo da. Who painted the ricefields green?
Have a look and pay your respects, then let the departed in peace to rest.

These are the Sagada caves.
Enough said.

Bats stare down from the ceiling of one of the caverns.
Graffiti is desecration is taboo.

Deep in the caves, one may experience a rebirth.

Having thus earned a degree in caving, I proceeded to do some rock climbing-
to the top of Sagada stonehenge. Even Obama hasn't done that.