Saturday, 24 November 2012

Downsview Park Toronto Half-Marathon 2012

Photos from the Downsview Park Half-marathon, 11 November 2012.

Downsview Park contains large areas earmarked for traditional parkland, recreational and cultural amenities. The property has been the site of several high-profile events, including two Papal visits and a World Youth Day as well as huge music festivals and rock concerts. There are plans to construct commercial and residential developments in the Park.

The inaugural Downsview Half Marathon and 5km races were held on Sunday 11 November 2012. Both events were sold out. Apparently many runners from the cancelled NY marathon turned up for the half.
The events had a great bunch of of volunteers including 60 high school students.

I saw some runners with New York tops.

The course went through rolling landscaped parks with beautiful sceneries such as a lake.

A mound that somehow became a mountain.
I think the kids' sign said 'keep going'.

So we did.
From about the 4km mark runners entered the Downsview Airport.
At the airport we went past army trucks, vintage planes and modern Bombardier jets.

We ran on tar and tarmac, seemed like a long way out and back.
We even toured suburban streets from Wilson Avenue to the turnaround on Hanover Street.
Then back past the airfield, the plains,
the tarmac,
and the planes.
I had on a blue cap, an orange top and black tights.

Thank you for all the cheering and support.
Once more past the lake.
And the mountain which grew out of the mound.

Smiling runners approaching the homestretch. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and officials. I enjoyed the race. I thought the course was good with undulations and meanders and straights and a mixture of surfaces. Maybe just a better sound system for next year.
After the race, I had a brief chat with a speedy young couple who also went to see Sandy's wake in New York. How they make it seem so effortless to run.