Thursday, 24 May 2012

The road to Barlig

Sights along the mountain trail in Barlig, Mountain Province, in the Philippine Cordillera, April 2012.
I have been to many parts of my home region of the Cordillera. However there are as many places that I have not seen, nor been to, for many a year. During this past period of a few weeks, I have ventured to visit, or revisit, some of the wonderful and most beautiful spots – the villages and natural features that define this mountainous fastnesses we call home.

First up is Barlig where apparently one can hear the whisper of the wilderness (let me hear it - wow). Barlig in the central east of the province is surrounded by Kalinga on the north, ifugao on the south, on the west by Bontoc, and on the east by Natonin. It is a mere 30 kilometers away from Bontoc but vehicular travel on the narrow and rough mountain roads may take up to two hours.

The warm weather this chakon was at its peak and seems to have intensified during kapidwan chi opok when I caught the 'eastern express' to the green mountains and high rainforests of Barlig. The rains that signal fosfos were not far from coming, but for now the roads are dry and dusty. Perhaps I should have taken the 'pony express'.

The sun was blazing and it was a scorching hot April day this summer, so I opted to simmer in the jeepney's interior, than burn outside as a toploader.
The plan was to return the same way from Barlig, and that I will have another chance to take photos on the way back.

As it turned out, my travel plans were turned upside down, and I did not get to take as many photos as I had hoped, especially between Talubin and Barlig, and Barlig itself.
So there you are. The photos here are just a sighter of Barlig municipality from the top of a jeep from Barlig to Lias to Kadaclan. Next time we will venture to more places: the ricefields, the mossy rainforests, the mountains including Amuyao and a host of others.

This shato (as the Ivadoi may call it) is near Chatol. It is on a high tableland or mountain top or chatar (Imainit) or data (as in Mt Data). Also called chata (in Bontoc), the French spell it chateau to rhyme with plateau :-).

Ang lunas ng unas is the balm of Lunas, found only in Kadaclan - in Barlig.


  1. this is my place & it's really a WOW being in this place... i really liked the fresh air & the fresh water of our place.... keep coming back...

  2. it's really an amazing place to live...a place amidst the virgin forest...i'm proud to say i'm from this place....


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