Friday, 10 August 2012

Images of Bontoc town 2012

Bontoc is the capital town of Mountain Province. It may be accessed from the east via Banaue or from the north via Tabuk, but the main access is on the south from Baguio. A visitor here will first see the rice terraces of Kadchog before getting to town.

A back entrance to Bontoc is through the backwoods of Mainit, but first you have to hike there from the Applai side of the province or from Sadanga or from Abra in the west.
The first sights of Bontoc from the west, in the direction of Guina-ang and Mainit.

Bontoc and Samoki. That's the Bontoc-Banaue road heading east.
The airfields of Bontoc are located in the mountains. The international airport is on the north towards Maligcong and Tocucan.
Bontoc international airport
Descending down the old mountain tracks into town is quite an experience. The views of the town and river and the zigzags and the tight bends and u-turns are something else.

The steep mountain slopes may not be the best way for some travellers. But they also have highways in Guina-ang and Mainit. This high way on a mountain overlooks Bontoc down in the low valley. No wonder then that they built a lookout hut for viewing the lowlands.
A mobile viewdeck is on top of a jeep, but this is not a safe way to travel, so don’t even think of attempting this.

Near the viewdeck is the domestic terminal, on the west of town towards Guina-ang and Mainit. I have reserved the first ticket for the maiden flight from Bontoc to Mainit.
Bontoc domestic airport
Down in poblacion are many interesting places.
Town Plaza.
Provincial capitol

The local schools in town provide the educational grounding that many kids from Mountain Province need to establish their careers.
All Saints' Mission Elementary School
Bontoc Central School
Mountain Province Comprehensive High School (MPGCHS) Bontoc
Saint Vincent's High School
Other sources have many more photographs and information on Bontoc. Do check them out to learn more about this first capital of the Cordillera.

But just walking around town will easily keep visitors occupied for days. And find time to visit the outlying barrios in the mountains if you can. You won’t regret it.
Me am off to catch my plane up on the mountain.
A hairpin bend on the Mainit mountain road is tighter than a v-turn.
Photos from a plane.
Plane? What plane?
Where’s the terminals again? There. On that plain. Up on the plateau called Chata.

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