Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is what you read changing the way you think?

Man Seeks God. Eric Weiner wrote this when a well-meaning nurse asked him: "Have you found your God yet?"

The Atheist’s Bible. Recommended reading for non-believers, about God and religion. To quote the great springfield poet Homer Simpson: "God bless those pagans."

In Portable Atheist Christopher Hitchens writes:
"One is continually told, as an unbeliever, that it is old-fashioned to rail against the primitive stupidities and cruelties of religion because after all, in these enlightened times, the old superstitions have died away."
Hitchens argues in God Is Not Great that belief in a great god will persist for as long as we humans cannot come to grips with our own mortality. He states that it is time for science and reason to play a bigger role in our cultures.

Sam Harris agrees about the role of science in our lives. In The Moral Landscape  Harris seeks to link morality to the rest of human knowledge, that science ought to define human well-being.

Speaking of science-
Jared Diamond, James A. Robinson. Natural Experiments Of History. consists of studies drawn from history, archeology, economics, economic history, geography, and political science.

Of course these days science and technology are not the only things changing the way we think.
“How is the internet changing the way you think?” is what John Brockman (ed) posed to many of the world's most influential minds.154 scientists, artists and creative thinkers - explore exactly what it means to think in the new age of the Internet.

For a bit of lighter reading, here’s some fiction:
Bob Dylan Chronicles Vol 1
John Banville Mefisto
John Grisham Calico Joe
Or for some music:
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim Here lies love, about the life of Imelda Marcos.

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