Sunday, 2 November 2008

sunday mornin' come undone

on a sunday morning leisure drive i got sideswiped on the way here to my favorite net cafe. a little shaken is all but could've been worse. what happened was this bus pulled off the kerb, the driver obviuosly not checking his blindside, clipped the side of my car, took off a side mirror and left dents and gashes for good measure. he/she did not even notice what happened and simply drove off leaving me to ponder whatever's to ponder. thankfully i was not hurt, i wasn't even mildly annoyed. was just disappointed not to get the bus details for insurance claims.
so all you drivers out there beware. accidents lurk around the corner. many of them are due to no fault of one or all of those involved. keep driving safely and defensively and get home or to your destination in one piece.
on a sunday morning drive-around (maybe drive-alone? i should have walked then i can sing the correct line)
wishing out loud that i was stoned (wishing i had a load of stones? hey mr Kristofferson 'home' doesn't sound too bad here, but like dylan said everybody must, but especially that bus driver should, get stoned!)

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