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that's entertainment from homer january 09

January blog 4

and now to sport

January is usually a quiet time at work. Not too many deliveries required. so i did an itinerary, splurged on a few tickets, booked first class, and decided to attend some sport.First to the cricket, the south african team is in town, and finally giving the hometeam some long overdue beatings. South Africa beat Australia in the test series 2-1 and the 5 game ODI series is tied at 1-1.

To tide me over for the next three games, I have brought some books to read in between overs and innings. There’s no how-to cricket books in there but I reckon I’ll learn the game as I watch.Soon as there’s a break in the cricket, I will dash over to Melbourne and take in some tennis. I fancy someone they call the fed express, although there is also the great rafa. In recent seasons, the likes of Murphy and others have come on. My other pick would have to be the jokervitch. Anyone else outside of this quartet would have to play the best tennis of their lives to win. Maybe Safin if he can fix his sapin.

And to counter the face-left face-right exercises that might cause a sore neck, I have brought another set of readers, so I can also do lookups and lookdowns in between sets.
From Melbourne, I plan to do some cycling, no I mean go and see some cycling in the tour down under. They have someone called sir lance who has a strong lance er a strongarm, and who has a strong chance to give a strong account of a strong comeback on his strong bike- wow this lance fellow must be quite strong. Depending on how he goes here, he might be a strong man in the tourdefrance later this year. Cadel evans better work well on his cadence.

There’s also some Soccer, golf, basketball etc and football coming up soon. Lucky i borrowed more books.
Well I better buy some more tickets - where’s that tv guide?
bunker down in ‘first class’, that’s my nickname for my favorite armchair,
...and a six-pack.

Now if I can only find that remote control…

January blog 3
i was born on this mountain

mainit mountains somewhere in the cordillera.

these mountains are at the juncture of four provinces: mountain province, kalinga, abra and ilocos sur. now if you can see through the wall or sea of clouds, there's mankayan and cervantes on the south, and pasil on the north. looking west is abra and east is where the sun rises, the place that brings warmth to these mountains - mainit.

this mountain's my home...(i think steve earle's an igorot, although johnny cash said: "Steve is kind of like me. He's an Indian in the white man's camp". )

view 'this mountain' performed live:

January blog 2

documents on the net
the internet is such a vast resource. i never cease to be amazed at what i find in it. i have thought (didn't know i was capable) to set up a list of those documents that have found their way to the web."'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the Spider to the Fly."well am no spider man, and i certainly don't weave webs like walter scott: "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."but if you look close enough, you can see what's caught in them webs...

so this is maybe the start of a database that hopefully will grow- of documents that are relevant to the homeland.

I have set up another blog for these documents, see:

1. Geothermal Potential of the Cordillera Region, Philippines

File type:PDF ...Mainit in Bontoc hosted the more. impressive thermal manifestations in the form of hot ... Preliminary Asessment of Mainit-Bontoc (Mountain this paper makes a case for just what the title says: potential. and unless and until the indigenous communities understand and accept and approve of any such undertaking- it's all just like what emanates out of the hot springs: a lot of hot air (plus a couple of plane tickets to the world geothermal congress).


this site contains a 1966 article about saltmaking in mainit. this industry has ceased years ago but you wouldn't know that... the article tries to describe how the imainit grow salt on stones, but that knowledge now only rests with...

3. Book Preview: The Making of the Igorot By Gerard A. Finin

blurb is from:

This work examines how and why American colonial rule transformed social and spatial relations across the Cordillera, creating a distinctive pan-Cordillera Igorot ethnoregional consciousness. It analyzes the ways in which the establishment of Mountain Province in the early 1900s and the imposition of direct American rule served to discourage contact between highlanders and lowlanders, while reinforcing notions of highlander connectedness. The author demonstrates the central role of Baguio City as an ethnically diverse urban center for cultural comparison and identity. At the same time, he captures how, in different ways, succeeding generations of highlanders embraced the social and spatial bonds associated with "Igorot-ism" and "Igorot-land." More details The Making of the Igorot: Contours of Cordillera Consciousness By Gerard A. Finin Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2006 ISBN 9715504876, 9789715504874 345 pages

January blog 1

boys will be boys

so get them to being themselves...

was surfing the other day and found this clip (part 1):

i remember we were doing this sort of stuffback in the days of the old schoolyard

yes as yusuf the cat said: we used to laugh a lot

oh yeah,

but sometimes we cried too...

part 2:

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