Thursday, 27 May 2010

musing and whingeing

whinge. intransitive verb Chiefly Brit (and Aussie) To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner.
Some random notes. there's no rhyme nor reason here...
Where I come from...
Traffic is still at a crawl from NAIA to NLEx.
I am generally an optimistic bastard. But I am cynical with regard to a couple of things.

Global warming

It is the hot dry season and early mornings are not as chilly or as crisp, but global warming is very apparent. The dryness is manifest in the fallen dried brown pine needles, as i discovered while walking under a grove of remnant pines – in the city of pines! There was so much more fallen pine needles and and so much drier.

Parched dry earth- cracks schisms fissures on most surfaces fields roads and building walls and floors.
Some pine trees still standing though are very dead.
Smog and haze now a feature.

Brush fires, forest fires

grim and dim realities
Infrastructure projects are supposedly through the efforts of a politician from the president down to the barangay official - meaning there would not have been that patch of bitumen there if not for them. Wow!
The cost of the project is somehow never mentioned. I suppose if a project is worth billions and the result is only worth thousands...

Politics in the air. News commentaries, ads, endorsements disguised as journalistic pieces.

Politicians or high-ranking officials in unmarked and dark-tinted luxury vehicles with at least two police escorts on some kind of mission – to stop corruption perhaps or maybe to mitigate the choking brushfires.
Disparity between haves and have nots – beggars outside fancy dining places which cost as much as in the west.

to get away from this madness - i took off to my highland home...

Congestion is still a feature of the main road in La Trinidad.
The mountains are on fire and the air is thick not just with smoke - but with something very fishy.

Along the mountain roads on the way home, there is erosion, cut roads, sinking roads, unsignalised unattended single lane roads – all with a very high risk of accident.

Past the dry dusty fields, past gullies now merely with stains from where water used to flow and rush down and gather into rivulets. Clear mountain springwater that used to be plentiful and used to form beautiful waterfalls as they wind and wend their way down from the mountainsides to the sea - they are no more!

The mountain has ran out of tears – it cries no more.
I can feel its sadness as i ride along its dry and dusty roads shorn of significant vegetation. i shiver as i stare at the burnt scarred slopes as dark and black as the evil wreaked on it.

Yes the mountains are no longer gaily and lazily nourishing the rivers that flow down the valleys - down to the once rich lowland agricultural farmlands - and thence farther down to the fishfarms in the deltas. After these many years of conflagration and degradation, they are slowly but surely being washed down to the sea.

But no it’s not just the annual fires that’s caused this defilement. Blame part of it on climate change.

Who’s causing climate change? It’s all of us.
We have rendered the mountain fields bare and sterile with chemicals and such toxic weapons. The hiss is the curse of the parso-ot. The pestilence, the evil influence of pesticides.

Can we blame the farmer? Can we blame the consumer? Can we blame anyone? Can we blame ourselves?
Maybe there’s too many of us.
There is too many of us!
What programs are in place for a sustainable population? a sustainable family? community? society?
Never mind what our political leaders say.
But what do our religious leaders say? Go ye and multiply? Go breed and compete for the meagre resources of your mountains. Blessed are you that are poor, for you will be rich in heaven?

There are now 6.8 billion people on earth. Scientists predict there will be up to nearly 10 billion within 40 years.  Where do we source food water medicine now without destroying the planet?
Yeah go ye and multiply!

I can talk but what am i doing? Whingey bastard me. Nada! Nothing. So i had better shut my trap before someone else does. But this is my blog. And i’ll keep saying

Ay ay salidumay
Aye aye polichay
I and I

I was looking at some job ads one time. Some jobs specify that ‘fieldwork’ may be involved.
Is fieldwork some kind of undesirable job description? Seems that anything that involves walking or sweating or getting dirt in one’s hands, getting rained on or working under the sun, is somehow a bad thing.
I must be an evil person for loving ‘fieldwork’.

well i am off to the field - to do fieldwork!
good riddance indeed!

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