Tuesday, 22 March 2011

March listens and reads too

Gao Xingjian. Soul Mountain.
Translated by Mabel Lee of Sydney University. This novel has earned wide acclaim. I am in the midst of the journey and enjoying it immensely.


Maya Angelou. Letter to my daughter.

Modern Critical Interpretations on I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom. Contains 12 selections from criticisms of the first of Maya Angelou’s Autobiographies.

Gao Xingjian. Return to Painting.

Frank Brady. Endgame.
This book is about Bobby Fischer, and his life in chess.

The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games.
Some of the brilliant games of chess in the last 200 years. Marvel at the great champions and also get shocked by the all-time worst blunders. If only i can play a bit.

Learn from Bobby Fischer’s Greatest Games.
If you're a novice like me, get hold of Bobby Fischer teaches chess.


Bob Dylan. The Best of The Original Mono Recordings.

Mumford & Sons. Sigh no more.

Neil Diamond. Dreams

Shawn Mullins. Light You Up.

Creedence Clearwater Revival. Green River.

Billy Joel. The Stranger.

Various Artists. Forever Friends - Just For You.


John Lescroart. The Mercy Rule. A Plague of Secrets. Betrayal.
Where does one start? Nowhere. Return them quick! Have mercy on my secrets.

Steve Martini. Compelling Evidence.
I am not compelled just quite. Evidently.

Christopher Reich. Betrayal of Rules.

The main protagonists are a doctor working for 'medicins sans frontiers' (borders without doctors) and his spy wife. The plot is quite outrageous. But worse it gets more outrageous. I forgot i read a previous forgettable book by the same author.
That’s what one's mind sometimes does to fiction.
I'm not even sure I got the book of the title right.

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