Sunday, 10 June 2012

2012 Queensland Half Marathon

Sunday the 3rd of June 2012 was wet and wintry cold. But Doomben racecourse, the home of the Queensland Half Marathon, was a-buzz with eager runners. Many of them are elite runners training for upcoming marathons and other events. 
Waking up in the morning on race day I was thinking that some runners would not bother showing up due to the weather, but Doomben was crowded.

Umbrellas were handy on the day. As were jumpers, but runners don't wear them in races.
Runners did not seem to notice the drizzle which started just before the get go. I did though. I was shivering cold.

As the maps show, the course is like a series glyphs: a tee on top of a tee on top of a zed joining a very skinny ess appended to an ell facing backwards. If you can’t follow that neither can I. It is like a compound stroke in some script or calligraphy turned upside down and inside out. I believe it is the same as in previous years.
Perhaps they can cut out a section of Sugarmill Road and include a lap around the racecourse grass track at the end.

The course is mostly flat except for the railway overpass on Schneider Road which we had to go over four times (out-and-in twice) at approximately the 5.5km, 10.5km, 14.2km and 19.2km marks.

This race is definitely for runners. Funrunners like me join just to make up numbers and for a bit of fitness. 

The finishers area in front of the grandstand.

Add colour to your life. Run. Look at all these bright people.
Fact: running makes you bright.
Am not that bright but I managed to get under 2 hours, a PB.
A sprint finish.
But any finish is a good finish.
Good job by all participants.
Well done everyone.
Thanks to all involved especially the volunteers. See you again next year.


  1. Belated congrats on finishing the half m. on a cold,rainy and wintry day. Also, thanks for your postings while on vacation. The photos made me feel I was at the festivities. Too bad, we didn't meet while we were home. Take care and keep running.

  2. Hello there Mr Joe! Thanks again for your kind comments. We'll meet down the road someday.


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