Monday, 3 September 2012

Bridge to Brisbane 2012

Photos from the 'Bridge to Brisbane' 10km fun run 2012
In the early morning train
With a wristband in my hand...

Lightfoot-ed runners disembark from Murarrie Railway Station.
They're in the zone -
the red zone.
Maybe I should sneak in there. Shhh don't tell the marshall.
They are just some of the nearly 30,000 who got up very early this morning to take part in a worthwhile activity.
Many were rugged up, but got out of hibernation before the race start.
It was go from the get-go.
Up the incline and then down the decline.
Once over the bridge
We then went under a bridge. 

10, 9, 8 ... I was counting down the K's.
But the markers were counting up-
in multiples of tenths-of-a-kilometre.
I didn't see no bees in the ICB.
But I guess my sight was fuzzy.
I finally got to the finish.

Collected a tee-shirt.
Mingled with the crowd.

Map of the route.
Tasted the watermelon. 
Spotted the exit signs.

Checked out the stage.
Lazed in the warm Brisbane sun.
Cheered on the runners.
Sought out the warm Queensland sun. Again

Clapped home the finishers.

Took some photos.

Then found my way out.
The 10km 'Bridge to Brisbane' race route in red.

Previous attempts at this 10km fun run:


  1. Nice race Martin & good job. Someday, I'll be there running. Keep up the good job. Nice pics.

  2. You better get in quick for next year Mang Joe. They're limiting it to 50,000 only. you might miss out :-)


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