Monday, 15 December 2008

blacklisted but...

Some books to bring to the next work assignment.Some of the items are my housemates'. But it's good to have bookends and bookmiddles and bookheads thankfully not boofheads.
Where is a bookworm when you need one?
I might be in Blackbutt up to Christmas or even beyond, depending on things. Hopefully i'll have access to the internet there if my network card works. If not there's all of next year to blog for this bludger (bludge is aussie for avoiding work) - i mean ole bugger or booger (in the 'affectionate fellow' sense of the word).
So see you around.
Blackbutt is a town in the South Burnett Regional Council in Queensland. It used to be called Nanango Shire prior to the amalgamation by the state government. Apparently there's whispering pines there. See if i can hear their stories...

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