Tuesday, 9 December 2008

sights around cooktown

each picture paints its thousand words, so i'll just add some captions.
cooktown is the closest town to the great barrier reef.

with mt cook on one side, and the coral sea on the other.

the lighthouse on grassy hill provides panoramic 360 degree views from the sea to the mountains - but you already know that. the rainforest meets the reef here.

alamanda inn is just one of the places to stay in town. a poinciana provides great color and shade and contrast and hue and...

if it gets too warm, there's always the pool just outside the door.

or when it's cool enough, there's the door outside the pool - road out to the loop, to have another gaze at the bays. cherry tree bay and finch bay are perfect for a picnic, fishing or sunbathing.

then when you get back from sightseeing, settle in for some fresh mango and coconut.

if you prefer water from the well to townwater, you got your wish, they have that too. just don't fall in or drop anything other than a wishing coin, it's quite deep. and be careful what you wish for - you just might get it.
want to getaway? try mt amos road.

not all the locals are as welcoming...

but trevethan falls certainly is. 30 km from town along some rugged 4wd only track, you are most welcome to skinnydip in the swimming hole.
now that you're washed and cleaned, let's go meet some locals.

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