Monday, 15 December 2008

listless reading

i am listless. meaning i lost my list he he. lucky i still have my wits. am wistful too. and wishful.

brings to mind "The Remember Song" sung by tom rush (written by walter stevens):
Looking for my wallet and my car keys,
Well they can’t have gone too far;
And just as soon as I find my glasses
I’m sure I’ll see just where they are... etc

so once i find my wist i mean wits er list... oh well.
i did pack some stuff to read but i was just so listless these few weeks up in the tropics. i did not bring all the above with me of course, especially not hawking's couple of heavy tomes - heavy reading that! but dawkins and adams (not in the photo - adams v god rematch) celebrated non-believers both- offer some food for thought.
clarke's collaboration with baxter was okay, but i spent most of my free time drinking, i mean drinking music in. i do have some good music in my laptop, not from oasis or rolling stone/s, but from the well-spring that produced 'like a rolling stone'.
now they say 'there is a man going around taking names'. must be the season for lists. he's checking it twice too i hear... what's his name bigbelly? leadbelly.

watch out.

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