Saturday, 9 May 2009

the far pavilions

Palm Beach is a suburb in the Gold Coast just north of the Queensland-NSW border.
The place i’m delivering to is called ‘Pavilions on 5th’.

Next to the site of the not-so-far pavilions, is this hut tucked away behind some tall brick buildings. It could well be any old hut from any old town in the cordillera like in Bontoc Ili or maybe in Potsville in Sagada (also called banga-an). It’s a bit rundown and looked uninhabited but the block it sits on would be worth a mint.

On the same street around the corner, I saw a sign that said Philippine parade. I waited and waited but i didn’t see pinoys marching. Maybe the sign is in the wrong place, or it’s the wrong day. Or might be because the street is closed.
I was told that cranes have invaded the place. They probably scared away the paraders. Now if i can just catch one of those longnecked birds, i’ll hang it on that thing over yonder – you know that tall steel structure thing with the long arm and cables swinging around it - what’s it called?

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