Sunday, 13 September 2009

september readers

I knew a Susan once. I wonder how she is these days? haven't seen her in 20 years actually.
oh yes those were the days. can't even remember where she's from.

A couple of Susans in this set. both are mean writers and just mean - in a good way. Just like the Susan from the Cordillera that i used to know.

Susan Sontag was an author and political activist. Her last published book Regarding the Pain of Others uses photography to back up her points.
I like this quote of hers:
I guess I think I'm writing for people who are smarter than I am, because then
I'll be doing something that's worth their time. I'd be very afraid to write
from a position where I consciously thought I was smarter than most of my
Susan George is also a political scientist, writer and an activist. In Another World Is Possible If , George proposes how we can indeed reach that Other World. This is in
George also advises against violence or reactions to the 'all-too-common illusions.'
Shifting the balance of power in favour of citizens takes a hard-headed
understanding of globalisation, knowledge of the adversaries who prevent change,
intelligent organisation, and exciting yet practical proposals and strategic

Feynman is one of the more celebrated and revered scientists of modern times.What Do You Care What Other People Think? consists of reminiscences in which Feynman presents his life as a series of humorous stories. Prepared as he struggled with cancer, it was the last of his works. The book provides great insights into his mind and life, as well as how to deal with the inevitable with vigor and grace.

The Sun, the Genome, and the Internet by Freeman Dyson is a smallish book, based on lectures in 1997 and which allows him to share his thoughts. Dyson discusses these now current tools of scientific revolutions and their future consequences. Dyson also offers his perspective on the issues and questions facing the world.

For music revisit Paul Simon's Graceland.

I think i reviewed this other set before. but am not sure.

That's what a muddled mind does.
Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river...
(balili river i think, or was it the bued?)

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