Sunday, 6 September 2009

how many roads must a man drive down?

one day i was required to travel to Fernvale in the Somerset region. Fernvale is on the southern verge of Wivenhoe Dam and sits on the western foot of the d'aguilar ranges.
as is my wont i took the road less travelled 'goat track', a little-known dirt road from samford going up the eastern slopes of d'aguilar national park to the rainforests of mt glorious.
on an overcast and foggy winter's day, this drive would be quite surreal through the mist and gloom.
this is very similar to the road from dantay to antadao between bontoc and sagada.
imagine walking at dusk through whispering pine trees on a chilly day in january somewhere in the cordillera mountains.
very humbling indeed.
somehow nature has a way of reminding that we are all just specks on this planet - or as Asin put it- tuldok lang.

anyway the goat track and mt glorious rainforest are just diversions - the ways to an end.
i still have to deliver, so back in the saddle for me. so then i can sleep in the sand...

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