Thursday, 3 September 2009

bridge to brisbane

At the end of august this year i went to the 'bridge to brisbane.' i thought it was just an event on a bridge, or a bridge being constructed from somewhere. apparently it's a fun run.

well am on the run anyway, so i quickly rustled up a shirt, a sort-of-running shorts, a belt pouch etc and then lined up to take part.
The Bridge to Brisbane attracted a record of more than 45,250 entrants, which reportedly is the biggest per capita run in the southern hemisphere.
I borrowed some photos from the internet to show some of the crowd, see below.

I finished abt 6,600th (in a time just under 60 mins). but i could have come first if the winner (under 30 mins) who was at the front did not have all the clean air in front of him. See i was at the back of the race and had to dodge the other 30,000 in front of me. I also had to answer a call of nature, go through the scrum at all the 5 or 6 drink stations, admire the form of the females...
Also if i took the race seriously and not as a 'fun run'.
but seriously...
maybe next time.

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