Sunday, 13 December 2009

photographic souvenirs

Some random photos.
more photos here

The golden guitar, Tamworth, NSW.

O'reilly's bird sanctuary, Gold Coast hinterland, Qld.

Uki, NSW.
once i held mountains in the palm of my hands.
don't forget the bushy mounds...

Bunya pines, Bunya mountains, Qld.

When we were young
and facial hair was long...

when in mainit, do as the ichongliyan do.
but wait for the pool to fill up.

while waiting for the pool to fill up,
you can cook some eggs in the boiling hotspring waters.
just take care not to get scalded.
you'll be lucky if you only get scolded.

ain't no more cane in the brazos,
but still plenty in the barrios.

like in mainit,
where cane is harvested and milled every year.
the sweet smell of unas,
heralds the end of the year.
near christmas.

when you go for a hike to the mountains,
do tread carefully.
as earthquakes go where angels fear to tread.

a banana vendor, hangar market, baguio.
that's why i'd rather be in mainit.
we have tokcho there.

back in uncivilized oz.
like a bird on a branch.

the erratic woodchopper.
no this is not in mainit.
this is in suburban australia.

fitzoy falls, kangaroo valley, NSW

thredbo village,
gateway to kosciusko, NSW

the big pineapple, sunshine coast, qld

maggie looking for a feed.

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  1. good on you, manong, to keep this blog! keep goin! will read through your entries soon.


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