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mt coot-tha: king and queen of the mountain run 2010

The second monday in June is celebrated as the Queen's birthday holiday in Australia. Whether that day in fact falls anywhere near the Queen's birthdate is moot. More debatable is that the Queen of Australia is a foreigner - a foreign monarch, who does not even live in australia. I'll leave this for other forums.
I'll blog instead on the queen of the mountain.

But first some notes on the attractions of mt coot-tha.

Mount Coot-tha is one of Brisbane's most popular tourist destinations. The 'Lookout' has panoramic views of the City. The Mt Coot-tha Reserve contains more than 1500 hectares of natural bushland, including JC Slaughter Falls, as well as native wildlife. Located at the base of Mount Coot-tha are the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and also the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium within its grounds.

Sir Samuel Griffith Drive is the road loop circling the mountain. It starts from the base to the lookout around a winding, climbing then descending route (both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions). This offers spectacular views of the greater Brisbane area and of the surrounding mountains and coasts.
I toured the mountain on foot before though i had no chance to enjoy the views. 'twas most painful.
movember 2009 mt-coot-tha mousdash

All of Brisbane's TV stations are sited on a ridge near the western summit of Mount Coot-tha. Most of the radio stations also transmit from Mount Coot-tha.

There are several popular walking tracks around Mount Coot-tha varying in difficulty with most including some uphill sections.

The western side of Mount Coot-tha Forest is a haven for Brisbane mountain bike riders. The annual 'Mt Coot-tha challenge' is a 2.3km timed bike ride ascending through the forests and emerging near the summit to the spectacular city views.
Another Mt Coot-tha event is the Rotary Hillclimb Racing Car for Classic cars held in May.
The multi-use tracks are availed of by all sorts of users: horses, pedestrians and mountain bikers. Each year orienteering events are held on the mountain.
Well for me walking takes too long, i can hardly ride a bike, and i don't own a car let alone a classic car.
So to mark the Queen's birthday holiday in Australia on 14th June I joined the mt coot-tha king and queen of the mountain 9.4 km run.
This is almost like running up from Bontoc to Maligcong and back. (These towns are in the Mountain Province, Cordillera, Philippines).

A previous runner of this event wrote: ... an attempt to make myself get my lazy a*se out of bed and actually turn up... monday 11th june - cant think of a better way to start a public holiday.
So with the same sentiments i got up early on the Queen's birthday holiday, rugged up in the chill of the winter morn, and drove to JC Slaughter falls at the base - to run Mount Coot-tha!
Crazy i know, but i wasn't on my own. There were also another 40 or so lunatics out there.

Registration time for the run was at 6.30 for 7:00 am race start. The $10 fee goes to a good cause - the breast cancer association of Queensland.

They're not really lunatics are they? They're a good-looking mob, photographer exempted.

The event is organised by the Brisbane Road Runners Club.
The Club ,established now for over twenty years, was formed to provide regular road runs and walks for all grades of runners in and around the Brisbane area.

Events are usually held every other Sunday, with the calendar of races scheduled for the year.
That's the awards presentation ceremony.

Congratulations to all participants in today's King & Queen of Mt Coot-tha. 44 entrants today and winning the title King of Mt Coot-tha was Adrian Pearce in a time of 37:24 and Catherine White at Queen of Mt Coot-tha in a winning time of 47:20

BRRC extended special thanks to everyone who assisted on a cool morning on the 'mountain'. I too thank them.
and how did ole martin polichay do on this 9.4km mountain run?
(mt coot-tha 2010) king & queen of the mountain - fun run certificate
Second last. I think.
The pauper of the mountain.
But hey, it's my first time to win an award. I won a box of breakfast cereal!
It was a random prize draw - but it's still an award. I'll have it framed for my grandkids!

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