Wednesday, 2 June 2010

rotary fun run

when you're lost in the rain...

i went for a run to clear my head - of smoke
the smoke rings of my mind
the foggy ruins of time...
the foggy web of destiny

it's all a hazy jumble
or it's just me being an old fogey

The rotary fun run/walk is now an annual event held at the University of Queensland in St Lucia.
This includes a 10km Run along the Brisbane River.

The shady course starts in the UQ Athletics Stadium, follows the river for about 2.4 km to a turn-around point then returns to the Stadium for the finish. Two laps of this course comprise the 10 km run.

I was standing in line, then looked up and thought: am I an M or a P. Almost forgot my name.
I registered, got given a number.

This is a great event as there is something for everybody. Team entries allow one to compete within your Company or with another, or simply to have some fun running / walking with  friends.
There is opportunity for families to enter and have fun together and there is the chance to prove yourself or just have fun as an individual.

I gazed around the campus, the university buildings, checked out the grounds, and the tents and the ladies too he he. If only i can run as fast as them -

someone says "now listen up".

getting pre-race instructions.
no bullhorns allowed - apparently so the residents in the neighbouring houses don't get disturbed. 
hence i can't hear the 'instructor'.
reminds me of when i was attending lectures - never did listen to instructors.

okay warming up:
stretch left,
now to the right.
then behind...

that race official is keen to pose.

my vision is blurry, or is that camera shake?

that's better.
I gave up taking pictures. too hard. allowed me to catch my breath though.

at the finish.

i told myself am not gonna get caught wearing one of them pink bags.
but apparently it's all for a good cause - run for charity, 'pink choices program' in support of those suffering from breast cancer.

The Choices Program (Choices) is a free community service offering support for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers and their families.

i got prevailed on.
lucky they also gave out brown bags -
to hide the pink bags

i might stage my own fun run
with green bags.
a fun run on the mountain trail
to stop all burning-
in support of the cordillera mountains.
that would indeed be fun...

that's not me on the certificate.
am not that pretty.

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