Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Lakes College 2010 Fun Run

The Lakes College is in the new satellite community of North Lakes in the former shire of Pine Rivers in southeast Queensland. In August I travelled there for the 4th running of the TLC 10km fun run.
Map of the 10km fun run.

As I write this, it struck me that many of these fun runs are held in educational institutions. I have ran in the campus of the University of Queensland in St Lucia (Twilight running festival and Rotary fun run). The Gold Coast marathon had the Southern Cross University 10 km run. The Brisbane running festival took in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) campus in Gardens Point. The rail trail fun run finished at the grounds of the Lowood high school.

I remember my first attempt at running. This was 25 or 30 years ago in Quezon city in the Philippines. It was in the grounds of a university, a 5km run along a road loop aptly called Ikot (going around). This 5km course followed the tree-lined outer perimeter of the university’s road network. At the time i was a smoker, but i thought i’d run to test my lungs. I ran 400 meters and then promptly gave up. I had collapsed and thought that i was dying. All those cigarettes I’ve been smoking felt like nails being hammered into my coffin, er my coughin’ lungs. I did quit smoking later, but talking of fond memories – those weren’t. Definitely not fun times either. I did not run again for the next 25 years after that aborted ikot run.
So take note smokers, smoking could cut your running life by 25 years, and your life by N number of years.
In those days I liked listening to the hit version of a song performed by 'The Animals'.
There is a house down in Diliman
they call the 'kalayaan'
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
and me, oh God, I'm one.
I do recommend doing the Ikot. You can run, ride, jog, walk or stroll... etc. Just don't collapse like me.
But I digress... point of order Mr MP.

North Lakes is a fast growing area right in the middle of the former shires of Redcliffe, Caboolture and Pine Rivers. These local councils have been amalgamated and are now part of the much bigger municipality of Moreton Bay regional council.
Deception Bay to the north is an out-of-the way community that is almost country but with easy access to urban areas. Scarborough and Rothwell in the east are also on the coast. These are great destinations for a quiet weekend trip to the beaches, picnic grounds, or even to try some fresh seafood. Mango Hill across the main road on the south is a growth community same as North Lakes. They are merely separated by a line of bitumen called Anzac Avenue. To the west of North Lakes beyond Bruce Highway are the lazy suburbs of Moreton region under invasion by the urban sprawl from Caboolture and Pine Rivers.
These are all play areas in the game (not unlike monopoly) called conurbation. I don’t know the big players, but in my game, I have set foot in many of these places.
Digressing again Martin.
At the college grounds I went through the drill: pick up registration kit, then on to pre-race routine.
Attach bib, apply some sunscreen, stretching/ warmup.
The Lakes College 10km Run takes in the bulk of the community of North Lakes. The run commenced in bright sunshine at 8:20am. Over 1000 competitors signed up to tackle the enjoyable and beautiful setting at North Lakes.
From the College grounds, the 10km Run followed the northern banks of Lake Eden before joining the length of the picturesque North Lakes Resort Golf Course. From the northern edge of North Lakes, the route passes Lacebark Park before following the tree-lined eastern perimeter back to The Lakes College.
The entire 10km Run criss-crossed the established pathways of the North Lakes community. This is a great course with some hidden challenges. The picturesque backdrop of landscaped gardens, lakes and bushland provides visual diversions. It had something for everyone. There are some tight bends and rough sections, uphill inclines and downhill slopes, on the byways pathways and roadways.
I entered the open 10km Category (for competitors aged up to 49 years). Medals are presented for the first three placings, so I was hoping to finish in the top 3. Yes the top 3rd of the race – same thing, isn’t it?
If I keep at it, I’ll be lacing up for the Veteran Category ( 50 years +) soon. Fancy being called a veteran.

The photographers took pains to get their photos. One mounted his camera on a 2.5m pole.
That's the bridge over Lake Eden. And a bird's eye view of my melon.

Another was right at the start/finish. And that's me about to collapse in front of him.

I like my net time better.

Another tee, another bib, another race ran.
These races that we’ve run were not for glory - No moral to this story –
We run for peace of mind
But the race we’re running now is never-ending – since space and time are bending
There’s no finish line
Don’t wait up – Leave the light on
I’ll be home soon
Chris Smither - Singer/songwriter

I barely managed to finish in the top 50. That's right the top 50%.

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