Saturday, 11 September 2010

september entertainment

Spare choices this month.


There's just one mgazine here. Uncut Magazine features Neil Young who is the pick of 50 GREAT LOST ALBUMS (for Time Fades Away). Apparently, there are still official releases by The Who, Van Morrison – even The Beatles – currently out of print.

Music CDs

Dave Rawlings. A friend of a friend.
Debut release from Nashville-based musician partner of Gillian Welch. Welch herself appears here as do several others. Good acoustic cover of Neil Young’s “Cortez the Killer”. He’s already there (with Welch), but Rawlings is really going places.

Patty Griffin. Downtown church.
Griffin’s latest album, Downtown Church, feels like an aside than the next brick in her discography. Check out these previous albums Children Running Through, Impossible Dream and A Kiss In Time, - essential Griffin that exemplify the passionate soul at the heart of her songs.

Joan Baez. Day After Tomorrow.
Yes she's still around. Baez's voice is ageing gracefully. Her 28th album is produced by Steve Earle. She covers "Scarlet Tide" from Cold Mountain, and Earle's "Jericho Road," (from his Washington Square Serenade), as well as a Tom Waits’ song.

K.D. Lang. A truly western experience.
Lang's first independent album.


Jimi Hendrix. Live at Woodstock.
15 different songs, including the renowned version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the encore "Hey Joe". Recorded in 1969, the sound is still amazing and worth it to SEE Hendrix in action. All the traditional Hendrix signature moves are here: he plays with his teeth, behind his back, sings, dances, juggles flaming knives, etc.

Lennon & Harrison. Guitars Gently Weep.
A rare insight into the hearts of these Beatles. This reveals the creative, spiritual and emotional differences of two personalities rarely if ever on view to the general public.


Steve Martini. The Rule of Nine.
Martini's back with his favorite hero Paul Madriani in his latest thriller. This is a sequel to Guardian of Lies.

TS Eliot. The complete poems.
This volume of Eliot's poetry and plays offers the complete text of most all of Eliot's poetry.
The highlights are The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land, Ash Wednesday, Journey of the Magi and Four Quartets. By the way-side are Portrait of a Lady, and the Hollow Men.

Jeffrey Deaver. The Sleeping Doll.
I think this was made into a movie.

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