Monday, 15 November 2010

cool night classic 2010

When hot northerlies blow near
November’s here.
As the mercury climbs high
Christmas is nigh.

The glut of rains in warm spring
Did tempt the tempest's temper.
The tides they are a-warning
Beware the times of summer.

It is not hot yet, tho it’s getting there. you're not a poet, ah never ever.
okay i'll run some more garud et. to slimmer my powet. arrghh.

To see off the running season, i signed up for a couple more runs. One is called the cool night classic, now in its 16th year. The course is on familiar rounds.
Along the Brisbane river and through the botanic gardens. Yeah old stomping grounds.
The run was on a working day Thursday. I wasn’t too tired. But with the pressures of work, you can use up more energy in the office, than toiling in hard physical labor. And I was worried about making it to Brisbane in time.

In the evening i strolled across the victoria bridge to the north bank of the Brisbane River in the CBD. I tracked the pathways and the byways.  I loitered under the bridges and freeways. In a few minutes these paths will be swarming with runners.

The cool waft of the river breeze guides my recons. I hear the rumble of car wheels on the bridges above as dusk beckons.
I come out to the QUT’s forecourts, and see the assembling hordes.

I proceed to the river stage to check out the start line. Powderfinger were just here this last weekend.

That's 'M block' of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) campus here at Gardens Point.

Soon the grounds of the riverstage fill up with thousands of runners and walkers.

I join in the warm up session. We limber up for a few minutes. Then we make our way to the start line. We nodded along pretending to listen as the lord mayor was making a speech. Come along Campbell, Join in the run instead. And do heed what the experts are saying at the 'City of the Future' conference. It's not all about freeways (and tunnels). How about more walkways and bikeways? and no more runways too. Maybe some jogways eh?

Case in point: The footpaths of the botanic gardens are sufficiently wide for park users, but just a little too narrow for eager runners. "Mr Newman" I said. "We need more pathways." Oh did I really say that?
I think i saw the lord mayor look my way, then he pulled out and pointed a gun. I quickly pushed my way into the middle of the throng so i didn't see him point the gun up to the sky. At the sound of gunshot, I ran off thinking the lord mayor's a-hunting for me. The other runners were off and running too. Jogging and walking really, the paths aren't wide enough to overtake.
Apparently Campbell fired in the air to start the race. Oh was that what that was? What's wrong with Ready, Set, Go!?

Many of the plants and flowers lining the loop of pathways from the start line to the goodwill bridge were trampled as runners overtook each other.

On to the bridge i joined the heavy-breathing fray. Soon we came to the riverwalks in southbank. Upstream we jostled each other on the tight inclines of the ramp up to victoria bridge. Then on the bridge we negotiated the footpaths with people making their way home from work. Commuters in the buses and cars caught in the busy peak hour traffic stared at us. Some cheered, waved, urged us on. Some were probably hoping they were running with us.

I said before there is such a high in running. This exhilarating feeling is unique and you only experience it while running, or more like after a run. That’s why runners love to run. It's better than - uhm, what's that f-word that rhymes with secs? I got it.
Running's better than frolicking.

We meet more people going home. Many are walking. Some on their bikes. Sometimes you’re breathing so heavily you can’t acknowledge them. But you just gesture with a wave and keep going. It is always good to smile and nod at people, even when panting and labouring up the hill.

At the finish line, after we crossed, we had to keep moving along lest we get crushed by the mass of runners behind us. So quickly I took off my timing chip, and looked around for the water stands.

Another month, another run. Not my best effort. But there’s always next time. I should make a bet with the lord mayor in 2011. But i hear he's a mean runner. Maybe i'll hide behind Anna Bligh's skirt. She could abolish the City Council. Or sell off city hall. he he. But even Anna can run faster than me. I better shut up. Am just lucky am not from around here. Else i'd be in strife.

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