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Sandgate fun run 2011

Sonomas Sandgate 10km fun run (3 April 2011).
Sandgate by the sea, is a sleepy suburb on Moreton bay. I visit here every couple of years or so, sometimes for work, sometimes for r & r. One glorious sunday morning, I found myself there beside a church (note: glorious is reserved to describe a fine day only in queensland and chonglian). I am now a bit religious. Religious in the sense that I attend to running once a week, as a born-again runner.

And this church in Sandgate is beside a park (in Cliff Street corner of Flinders Parade) where we have come to take part in the Sandgate fun run. The start/finish line is right under the trees.

The races for 2011 are 10km, 5km and a 1.5km for kids. I did not qualify for the 1.5km (I kid you not), so I put in for the 10km.
This is part penance for the lost years in the wilderness and for not running until my middle age. I knew I would have a mid-life crisis at some stage. Hopefully the running gods will forgive me, and grant me speed. The registration fee includes a tithe to the flood appeal, so we do run for a good cause.

I have not been to Sandgate for some time. The foreshores and pathways look somewhat familiar. It was some race in the distant past called “cliff2cliff” when I set foot here last. That’s now a distant memory too, some one hundred and seventy hours ago.
Race day was dazzling. I saw some familiar faces.

Emcee Tim and his two daughters were there. They are a class family they are. Many other families also took part in the fun run fest. From babies in prams, to nannas and gramps, they were all there, listening to Tim and his amps.

At just after 8:00am the local councillor (sandgate ward) started the 10km runners off in the brilliant sunshine.

The councillor later tweeted:
Lovely morning on the Sandgate waterfront: Run Inn's annual Sonomas Fun Run this morning.Around 200 entries.$5/ entry going to Flood Appeal.
There would have been many more entries with 'more' publicity prior to the event.

hey, wait for me!
The first kilometre had an uphill stretch. It’s good for views around the bay but not so for running.

The remaining 9km was out and back along the picturesque foreshores. The sun was up in the mid-sky, just rolling around as usual. It started making its rounds and was warming up. A long run was in store for me...
One by one the others disappeared from sight. One by one the runners passed and left me in their wake. I held my own against another group – the group of walkers.

With less than 3km to go, this pretty young woman ran up alongside me. Name of Lisa. I thought she said she’s from St Lucia, am going deaf now too. We chatted a little. I could not really talk. I panted mostly, and grunted some responses. She’s with the ‘run inn’ club. I said am just in training- always a good excuse for going slow.
'Please don't let me hold you back', I said reluctantly. She said 'we can run together'. So I tried to keep pace.
But after a few seconds, Lisa got impatient and bored, so she said cheerio as she sped away. I kinda like her because she wasn’t wearing one of those discriminating shirts that read “I run like a girl”. She had a ‘twilight run’ shirt. Some kindred soul. Might see her again if I don't backslide.

I’ll cut to the chase, did the race in a PV. A personal vest? No, a personal vorst, PW. 1:00:36.

After the race we watched the kids run their 1.5 km races. The three age groups are 3-6 yrs old, 7-9 yrs old, and 10-13 yrs old. There are some champions in them kids. I’ll lay claim to seeing them before they conquer the world.

After the races, prizes were awarded to the winners. Some sponsors kindly contributed various vouchers and the like for random draws. Out of the 200 runners on the day, about 90% got a prize of sorts, whether cash, vouchers, t-shirt, shoes or something else. Poor me of course went home empty handed. Well the odds were that high that....

Did I tell about the day I came second in a chess competition? There was only two of us, but hey I came second.

photo of my left foot. it does not paint, but is in pain
Photos and results for the 2011 Sandgate fun run are out now, but I know where I finished. At the back as usual.
photo from PB Photographics
Congratulations to the winners and all participants. I think the race announcer said 'any finish is a good finish'. I concur. Well done to Tim and H and C.
A 'thank you' to all the volunteers, race officials and organisers, sponsors and others who make these events possible.

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