Monday, 31 December 2012

Fats festive fatass Mt Nebo trail run 2012

I found out later that this year was the 10th running of this event. 
On the 27th December 2012, I joined many (about 40 or 50) keen runners on an unseasonal but welcome cool morning for my second attempt at Mt Nebo. 

Last year I turtled up to the 20k mark and then turned back for a total of 40k and nearly six-hour jog/walk.

This year I was aiming to go all the way and was hoping to at least do better on the 'up' lap to 20k.

The cicadas 'sang' and cheered us on almost every step of the way.

I remember thinking how incredible it is that such a small insect could produce more noise than my lawnmower. Apparently cicadas are amongst the loudest insects in the world and can make up to 120db (as loud as an ambulance and louder than a lawnmower). I did think they was a bit too loud for my liking. Thankfully I did not go back the same way, I would have risked hearing loss. I'll make sure to bring ear plugs next time. 

The rainwater tank and shed near 16km. I made sure I turned left at the junction here.

The beehives from last year were still there.

Young Simon caught me just past the 21k. He was kind enough to let me sit in his slipstream and pace me the rest of the way. 

At the finish I doffed my cap off to the mighty top 15 or 20. I think I made the top 10 in the ladies :-).

I tried knocking at the post office to send myself home, but Simon was even kinder to get me a lift back down to The Gap with his mates Ben and Dave. Thank you fellows. And do go well and run well in 2013. Might even see you down the road.

 The course had a net gain of about 400m (about 1300m up and 900m down).
Map details here.

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