Thursday, 28 March 2013

Peeking at Beijing

Beijing (used to be spelled Peking) is the capital city of China. In the few days I spent here, I enjoyed peeking at the sights in and around Beijing. In this part of the north China plain, I experienced a  biking tour, tiananmen, temple of heaven, forbidden city, etc and peaking at the great wall of China in Mutianyu (the off-limits tower 25 at 950m was the highest point that I set foot on here). The highlight of the tour was supposed to be one of Chinese food's great treasures - Peking duck, but I ducked out of the dinner.

On my last day, I took it easy. Fishing and checkers are relaxation activities.
But relaxing was furthest from my mind when I was in Beijing.

I had to pack in as much as I can in the few days I've got to spend here.
So who'd wanna work when you can be on holidays.
Where you can just relax and -
say what?
I best let the pictures paint the words.

Jingshan pagoda

Beijing railway station

Tiananmen square

Polichay flew over that Bird's nest of a national stadium.

Wangfujing night market

No thanks. We've got canetoads in Queensland.

Yes please!

I had one too many beers and forgot which was my ride. Taxi!

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