Friday, 15 March 2013

Reading ideas with background music

Some random books picked out of the library shelves - to read or let it be.

Foreground music:
Roberta Flack. Let It Be. Roberta Flack sings the Beatles.
Edward Said. Culture & Imperialism.
Joseph Wambaugh. Hollywood Crows.
James Gleick. The Information.
Michael Gray. The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia.
Robert MacFarlane. Mountains of the mind.
Ayaan Hirsi. Nomad.
Joseph Anton. Salman Rushdie – A Memoir.
Jon Stewart. Earth
Peter Ackroyd. The Canterbury Tales
Peter Carlin. Bruce
Background music:
Mark Knopfler. Privateering.
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. Lawless. Movie Soundtrack.
Don't bother with:
John Lescroart. Treasure Hunt and The Suspect.

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