Saturday, 5 October 2013

When in Roma

The Roma area is the birth place of Australia’s Oil and Gas industry.

With a diverse economy and excellent infrastructure Roma is the top regional centre for much of Queensland’s South West.

The largest cattle-selling centre in the southern hemisphere is in Roma.
But even with its booming agriculture, gas and oil industry, modern infrastructure and cosmopolitan feel, Roma has retained much of its country charm and hospitality.

On his fourth expedition in 1846, from nearby Mount Abundance where he was exploring, Surveyor-General Sir Thomas Mitchell reportedly wrote, “I … beheld the finest country I had ever seen in a primeval state – a champaign (meaning ‘undulating country’ in archaic French dialect) region, spotted with wood, stretching as far as human vision or even the telescope would reach.”
Roma was originally home to the Mandandanji Aboriginal people.

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