Sunday, 12 July 2009

I-banana - they're a wild mob!

Now where were we? oh yes trees.

i think that i shall never see

how does it go?

a bottle lovely as poet-tree

nice curves!
Trees not only provide shade.

As this small shrub shows.

Trees are home to birds, providing them with nests to raise their young, and thus ensure their safety from ground-based predators.

There are wild creatures in Biloela.

A flock of birds side by side with a mob of kangaroos is not quite a rare sight.

An anteater tries hiding in grass but we had it in our sights.

Feeling threatened, this echidna rolls itself into a ball and spikes its quills to full extent.
Echidnas are one of only two surviving monotremes. They mainly feed on ants and termites.

This poor little finch was not quite lucky.
It got caught under the hood of the car out on the highway.
We only found it when washing down for weeds.
Next time i’ll catch the train and enjoy the countryside more without having to concentrate on driving. That's not a wild runaway train. It's only a short coal train - about 5km long.
Before that though i somehow have to transport my beer back home.
Better still i’ll just drink my share. So that’s how i ended up with all this unwanted bottles baggage. Where’s the “i’m gonna knock on your door” fellow? Oh no no no hic no no, hic. I did not drink all that, hic. Okay maybe 99% of it. Hic. I should sleep it off. Goodnight. Hic. Look i cannot afford to piss about too much. So i better shape up or else i’ll get shipped out.
There’s a few other notable mentions we stumbled on in our perambulations.
One day we came across three healthy looking, but very dead cows, piled on a dried tree trunk ready to be burned like in a pyre. Another time speeding along the road we almost crashed into cattle limping across the highway. So there’s something here causing some cows to go ill and sometimes die as we discovered. Whether it’s due to consumption of too much of some noxious weed, or other bovine disease, we did not get the chance to find out.
On other occasions we came across kangaroos hopping along, or wild busted turkeys taking off, or jabirus watching us suspiciously, or even the odd barnowl on top of a fencepost.
On our last day on the job, a brown snake had almost slithered across as we drove up to it. It was a good 2m long and quickly disappeared in the tall grass as we slowed down.
A thousand tales can be told from these Biloelan nights, and for some more here's a video.

or view in youtube:

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