Sunday, 12 July 2009

deer hunting on wheels

This blog comprises an odd couple: deer and that mechanical transport device called 'wheels'.
strange bedfellows indeed. we'll see how it pans out.

Mt Samson is situated in the beautiful pine rivers area in southeast queensland.
There are numerous attractions here.

Among them is a deer farm set in the foothills of the d’aguilar mountain range.

This deer farm offers the experience of a special country Australian farm.

There are two kinds of deer in this farm, edible and not, i mean red and rusa.
Then there’s bambi.
Bambi (i think that’s her name) was a little shy fawn at first.

But when he/she got hungry , she was all nudges and pats and whatever it is that baby deer like to do to gain attention and a feed.
Birdlife also abound in this place.
Beautiful rosellas come shrieking in numbers. These birds are just part of the wildlife that inhabit these parts.

Something that’s seemingly out of place here is this framed saying by the wise Indian chief white cloud. However on reflection, it is quite appropriate.
Nature is after all, what many aspire to preserve, and its creator whom they worship. For those who seek to nurture faith turn to nature. Nature’s gift to us is a privilege and a responsibility. And we can practice spirituality by caring for one another, other creatures, and our tiny home planet within the expanses of the universe.
There is after all some game deer meat available from the farm. This is sourced from some commercial farm, not organic but hey it’s not everyday that one can try venison sausages.
But what am i doing here? Deer hunting? Definitely not.
It’s all to do with work.
How does the seven dwarves song go?
I owe i owe it’s off to work i go.

On the way to work then -via the seven bridges road-
i do a little detour to a little known road and a little known lookout for a view of the well-known lake Samsonvale nearby.

Samsonvale dam was at a very critical level of 17% a couple of years back. Now though it is at about 71%.

Okay so back to work.
The deer farm in mt Samson doubles as a venue for a 4wd course.
I was one of eight people doing this 2-day course.
So we did a bit of theory, reviewed our basic driving skills and road rules, creek crossing etc. Thence to the nitty gritty of 4-wheel driving.
We did braking, steep incline stall stops, reversing manoeuvres, push-pull reversing exercises, and other practical skills.
This was supplemented with additional lectures on site-specific job driving requirements, defensive driving, vehicular checks and lists, operational procedures, techniques, maintenance, faults, safety etc.
There’s nothing new in all this.
But then again, one learns something new everyday.
Such as that deer and 4wd can go together.
So now we’re ready for delivery.
Watch this space.
Then we take east berlin, no, eastern queensland.
or maybe central queensland?
i've gone bananas again.
below is a video related to this blog.
it's also in youtube:

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