Thursday, 9 July 2009

first we take brisbane

on a crisp and clear winter's day in june.

found my way to brisbane town.

northbound on the pacific highway i zoomed along.

pretty soon a bridge not too far says:

welcome to brisbane.
beautiful one day.
queensland the next.
what's the motto go again?

now should i take a plunge first?

no not into the brisbane river, but exit left to the treasury casino.

the brisbane skyline is confusing this country boy.
coathangers and skyways.

and the signs prevail on me, so i take a right turn and do the right move.

to the ballet at the cultural centre i go instead.
but i have no pera.

so whence i searched high and low.

for my memory's now down to zero.
what am i doing here?
oh yes of course.
am in brisbane to do a 'first aid' course.
the course is spread over a couple of days.
so i do a bit of sightseeing.
first we take brisbane...
i have a cousin who lives here. and his family.
but i don't want them having to deal with the t-n-t police.
so i'll just give them a call, and call-in for some kanin.

below is a video related to this blog.
audio was disabled in youtube:
but you can still listen to the music here.

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