Saturday, 14 November 2009

images of my hometown - mainit

Mainit sits on the slopes and peaks of the Gran Cordillera Central at the north-western region of Mountain Province.
On a clear summer's day in April say, one can see forever. But even in the middle of a chilly January, the views are breathtaking. Just magic. I haven't seen Switzerland and i'd love to.
But i don't have to.

That's the road snaking south and east to Guina-ang and Bontoc.

With views like this, who needs the alps? and it doesn't cost much. just a few minutes of climbing. you get fit too.

Those are the agamang or rice granaries of Mainit. These are used to store rice grain, salted preserved meats, and wine.
I went 'barhopping' with friends once. I conked out at the second bar :-). Next time i'll try and visist 200 of them.

Thankfully my friends managed to drag me back to home sweet home. that's my 5-star accomodation.
well if you stumble out at night to do a pee, you can see 5 billion stars.
nothing beats that!

watch this space. there'll be more...