Thursday, 19 November 2009

images of bontoc town


A suspension bridge.

The bontoc-samoki bridge

A sari-sari store.

Bontoc post office.

By the rivers of bontoc town.

At the lookout. A tourist telling the photographer (me) to step back lest i fall down the cliff.



  1. that suspension bridge- we would pass that to go have picnic on the other side. I was a daredevil back then. When I was a kid, you don't have to have much money to have a good time, neither do you need alcohol to have fun. The river was a scene for good time, eating pinikpikans (ethics aside), swimming in the Chico River, and lots of laughters with friends...

  2. having pinikpikan at a picnic by the balitian junction or any spot along the chico river is a very ethical thing to do. with a drop of alcohol even better.


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