Thursday, 28 July 2011

I was going to Injune in June, no July

But that got thwarted too. (Injune is a town in central Queensland, north of Roma).

A bit quiet on the western front...

To escape the chill of winter, put on some music. But keep your ears open, especially to sounds outside your taste or room - such as the music in nature.

Leonard Cohen - Bird On A Wire (Tony Palmer, 2010) is a revelation of Cohen’s popularity in the 1970s. Rated as one of the better music documentaries, the music is good and the film an insightful portrait of the artist as a young man. In the final concert Cohen suffered a meltdown but returned to the stage to sing ‘So Long, Marianne’ in a performance which reduced everyone to tears. A great film. 40 years on, Cohen’s still out there touring.

Dolly Parton The Fairest Of Them All Includes 'Down From Dover'

Jodee Messina Unmistakable Love

Losin' Lately Gambler is Corb Lund's sixth album. Backed by his band, “The Hurtin' Albertans,” this album marks another step in the Canadian's career: an introduction to a wider audience.  In “A game in town like this.” He sings "Cuttin' back your losses is just another way to win". The best way to win is not to lose. And if you don't gamble, you don't lose - you win. Well, as 'the crickets' say: just keep learning the game.

Feast of Wire is the fourth studio album by indie-rock band Calexico.

Old American Songs performed by Opera Australia soprano Taryn Fiebig and tenor Juan Jackson, showcases a variety of composers, including Stephen Foster, Aaron Copland, Kurt Weill and others.

Shrek Forever After: Music from the Motion Picture. Soundtrack to the fourth and final film of the Shrek movie franchise.

The Crickets and their Buddies. A 2004 album that features original members of the band with a little help from their friends. Great songs and great singing. That'll Be The Day (with Rodney Crowell) Someone Someone (with Eric Clapton)  EveryDay (with J. D. Souther)  Heartbeat (with Nanci Griffith)  Learning The Game (with Albert Lee)  Well...All Right (with Waylon Jennings)  Oh Boy! (with John Prine). 

Earth and Sun and Moon is an album by Midnight Oil that was released in 1993
This is one of Midnight Oil's best with songs and themes about the environment, native peoples, and other social causes.

Retrospective. Natalie Merchant post-'10,000 maniacs'. Some great music, with performers such as Billy Bragg, REM, and The Chieftains.

Alison Krauss. Forget about it. With an impressive list of personnel.

Bette Midler. Beaches.

Alex Ross. Listen to this. 

Robert Shelton. No direction home. Updated edition.

JUST KIDS. Patti Smith remembers hanging out with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kristofferson and meeting Ginsberg and Dylan and other stars and poets of her day, and feeling “an inexplicable sense of kinship with these people.” She has now well and truly joined and transcended some of their ranks, fame and more. In dreams...

Rolling Stone features Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu a musician from Elcho Island in the Northern Territory. Apparently Gurrumul kept playing the Dr Hook classic "Cover of the Rolling Stone" throughout the photo shoot. I bet he bought five (at least) copies for his mother. Good on you Gurru.

Uncut. Features the Allman brothers, and Paul Simon in another.

Mojo. Examines the works of Neil young.

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