Saturday, 2 July 2011

images of the western downs

You may try this at home. Google "funny dubya quotes" and see how many hits you get. Not 1, not 20, not 3000, not 40000 but more than 500000.
Well from one cow-patter to another, er bulls-hitter, to paraphrase Dubya
One of the great things about Polichay's blogs is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.
Well said Mr President!
Last month I got on GAM's Air Force One.

One of the great things about the Dornier is that you get a choice of aisle or window seat - actually you get both every time.

Broad-acre farms are a feature of the darling downs.

As far as the eye can see.

A few dams may be seen on the flight to the gasfields.

Sometimes green fields of young crop.
The Leichhardt Highway crosses the great dividing range in Gurulmundi.

A street in Taroom.

A disused railway bridge in Guluguba.

A creek crossing in Giligulgul. Obviously a dry weather road only. Or else I'll be sailing

A lonesome road off Mt Lawton.

Postbox in Bundi.

A dusty dirt road in Woleebee.

Cattle are the kings of the road in Golden Grove.

Where there's water there should be fish. If I had a boat, I'd go out on the water...

Don't spook them now.

I stared down a bullock in Grosmont once. It turned tail and trotted off. It was only about 4 tonnes.


When you're lost in the Gondwana land of Australinea, you need signposts.

Like Johnny Cash, I'm going to Jackson town. I hope they don't do dirty linen in public there.

But I keep losing my way.

Where's James Hansen when you need him? Talk to the coal and CSG guys will you Dr Hansen? Remind them that coal-fired power stations are factories of death. Tell Xstrata to keep out of the western downs, and the Philippines. They won't say they ain't been warned.

And I thought Australia got rid of the empire. How come they still use miles, and the country is still not a republic?
Imperialism Ibagsak!  Oh that's tagalog for "long live the queen."


Bottle trees. They don't grow on walls.

two green bottles...

If the one green bottle...
A beautiful baobab.

Who scarred my tree? It might accidentally fall.


Love's like a beautiful butterfly, a rare and gentle thing.

Galahs on the lookout on a gum gtree.

While a butcherbird contemplates a stranger with a camera.

I think they're egrets.

These are definitely magpies.

"Soft and gentle as a sigh" I don't even know its name.

A field mouse forages in wood chips in Kenya camp.

Green frogs.

You're not supposed to handle them, but I was trying to save the little creature.

A snake slithering through the grass.

A brown snake. Leave them alone.

Though this one's very dead.

Rabbits breed like rabbits. They're a pest.
On a bridge over a creek, we found this roadkill - another pest.

A wild pig.

This one's a kangaroo, on the side of a road.

We see about 10 or 20 road-killed roos a day.

A wild cat met its fate.

Poor galah. This is in Miles just off the main street.

The steel mill of Wandoan.

A canon keeps guard.

When in Roma, do as the romans do. Eat Chinchilla melons.

Once there were greenfields - in Woleebee.

Am back on my wheels...

Meet more locals from the darling downs here:

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