Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Mountain Home

Mainit is a village in Bontoc municipality in Mountain Province in the Cordillera region of the Philippines.
It is nestled deep in the mountains.

Mainit is about an hour's drive from Bontoc, or a three-hour hike...

These pictures were taken during a fire-plagued dry season in April 2010.
The scars from the  mountain fires blight the serene landscape.

The ricefields of Guina-ang with the hamlets of Dalican in the smoke-shrouded distance.

Fires have dried out the swiftly-rushing streams.

The ricefields are green but they are getting parched.

Why burn?

The ricefields of Chakkang amidst the desecrated steep mountainsides.

A pine grove holds sway.

How green was my valley?

Our mountains, our fields, our home. Let us protect them. From fires, from mines, from lies.

Blueberry shrubs thriving on the stonewalls of Tuvo ricefields.

The hotspring continues to give forth life.

How many times must the summers burn,
Before the springs run dry?

Save our village,our home. Stop the burning.

You young people, educate the old folks at home.

 For their sake, and the future.


  1. Sir/Manong,
    this is to inform u that i have copied some of the pics uve posted....
    anyway,its for some important use.

    Rising Lingaling of Mainit

  2. D Rising son of Mainit, the pictures are there to share, especially for good use nga konam. basta i-acknowledge mo yanggay na nang-picture kay? si alitaom ay polichay kanam

  3. join me, ng ara-ak si pics for educational purposes... tnx much


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